Danny and David Massa of Massa Media are two very enterprising young men making a splash in Melbourne, Australia's music, video, recording, website design & technology and social media scene. These two young men, both born on March 1, 1987, are identical twins and at only 25 years of age are far beyond their years.

Times have not always been easy for these two brothers who grew up without many of the advantages that some of their peers enjoyed. After losing their father at only 12 years of age, their mum, whose mental health was precarious at the time, succumbed to a nervous breakdown after she lost her husband. But, fortunately for Mrs. Massa, Danny and David helped picked up the pieces and are now as much a caregiver to her as she is to them.

Their website design business, Massa Media, is Danny and David's growing online business, gaining notoriety for outstanding web design.

But that is only a small part of their story. In addition to hosting a growing online web design business, they both share a fond love of music. They have both started posting a video once a month, starting April 2010 onto YouTube. What started out as something very simple soon built up a fan following, gathering the attention of many views. Since then Danny and David decided to continue posting videos on YouTube, singing what fans requested while recording/editing and designing everything on their channel.

They have now gathered a large fan following on YouTube, ranking top #15 Musician Australia to date. To check out their latest video go to

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